is currently available for pre-launch preview for business owners, attorneys, and accountants. Please note, our directory of firms that can assist with FinCEN filings will be published on this site in the future, with the exact date to be announced.

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CTA Compliance Advisors bridges best-in-class tech and a team of dedicated advisors, harnessing our collective effort to help you MeetCTA today. Under one of the most broad-sweeping reporting regimes of our lifetime, our clients choose us for the peace of mind and convenience that comes with our guarantee and dedicated layer of review to ensure strict compliance with BOI Reporting Requirements.

We offer a simple annual subscription that contains our corporate guarantee, continuous access to your secured data and routine updates on any and all changes to compliance requirements under the CTA, not to mention a dedicated CTA compliance advisor who performs a layer of individualized review on every entity registered with us.

Contact CTA Compliance Advisors for help filing your beneficial ownership report.

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