is currently available for pre-launch preview for business owners, attorneys, and accountants. Please note, our directory of firms that can assist with FinCEN filings will be published on this site in the future, with the exact date to be announced.

Your business is required to file a report.

According to FinCEN’s rules, your business does not qualify for any exemptions, which means you are required to file a beneficial ownership report.

It’s important to ensure compliance with the regulations to avoid potential penalties and protect your business. Navigating the complex reporting process can be challenging, so seeking professional guidance is highly recommended. To make the process easier and more efficient, you can find a law or accounting firm specializing in filing beneficial ownership reports by selecting your state below.

All firms listed are full of experienced professionals who will guide you through the filing process and understand the ins and outs of FinCEN reporting requirements, helping you save time and mitigate any liabilities associated with reporting so you can focus on your business.

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